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Izumiotsu-City’s “Ability Enhancement Experimental City”

Room301, 3F,(45-22 Asahicho,, Izumiotsu-shi, Osaka)

The objective of the Ability Enhancement Experimental City Working Group is to verify the effect of studies, technologies, remedies, and products for human ability and recovery and the maintenance and improvement of physical and cognitive functions, as well as to promote R&D, commercialization and international collaboration, and to consider the establishment of regional clusters.

The working group not only promotes health enhancement in the field of western medical science, but also that of other approaches to healthcare, in areas such as food, exercise, healing, sleep, alternative medical care, integrated medical care, etc., co-creating their promotion with other regions through civic collaboration, public collaboration, and medical cooperation.

The proposed technology and knowledge are studied to further explore services, products, and opportunities for innovation, collaboration, or commercialization. To enhance the function of the body and cognition, robotics and AI will be combined, respectively, with healthcare or alternative healthcare knowledge.

In addition, as a regional cluster, it aims to consider the establishment of a “living lab” and assistance towards extending the “healthy life expectancy” of citizens, workers, and college and pre-college students by providing a comfortable environment, attracting related research institutions and industry, and promoting the local industry.

Izumiotsu-City has become increasingly active as an Ability Enhancement Experimental City, and there are plans to establish a regional cluster at Izumiotsu Civic Hall in the form of public-private partnerships.

Through this collaboration, the group will seek to implement various approaches in Japan and overseas involving ability-related technology, products, services, and human resources produced by the Izumiotsu brand, to enable their contribution to sustainable regional economic activities and SDGs, through which humankind can achieve healthy living.

[Seminar program]

[Section 1 Keynote lecture]
Moderator: Mr. Takuya Matsubara, Consultant, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.

(1) Greeting: “Challenges confronted by Ability Enhancement Experimental City”
Mr. Kenichi Minamide, Mayor, City of Izumiotsu
Coordinator: Mr. Keiichi Hirotsune, Representative Director, Institute of Creative Industries and Culture
(2) Introduction: Latest healthcare and nursing care robotics in Japan and abroad, and research on
Speaker: Mr. Yukio Honda, Dr.Eng.
Professor of Department of Robotics, Head of Research Administration Office, Head of Robotics & Design Center
(3) Keynote: Preventive medical science through nutritious sweets and crackers containing various health-promoting supplements
Mr. Kazunaga Yazawa,
Professor of Waseda University, Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation
(4) Keynote: Role of nutrition in an aging society; extending healthy life expectancy
Mr. Kinsuke Tsuda, Ph.D., M.D., President of Tezukayamagakuin University
*5 min. discussion and Q&A are scheduled after keynote lectures.

[Break Time]

[Section 2 Relay presentation]
*A change in the order of the speeches may be required.
(theme: Presentations related to supportive measures for the development of human ability, ability enhancement experimental city, or the implementation of international cooperation)

Coordinator: Mr. Keiichi Hirotsune, Representative Director, Institute of Creative Industries and Culture
(5) “About a private- public experimental project for dementia”
Mr. Kenji Himura, Deputy Director, Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Economic Policy Department, Bio & Medical Device Technology Promotion Division
(6) “JICA supports the promotion of the “health initiative,” prompted by Japan”
Mr. Toda Takao, Ph.D. Vice President for Human Security and Global Health, Japan International Cooperation Agency
(7) “Promotion of the wellness industry”
Mr. Junichi Azuma, Manager, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Life Science Group, Economy and Industry Division
(8) “Preservation of health in India and the ICT platform from the perspective of SDGs”
Mr. Eiji Sasahara, Ph.D. in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Representative of Board of Directors, Cloud Security Alliance Japan Chapter, Inc.
(9) “About “Compass to Healthy Life Research Complex Program” and research development”
Mr. Hirokazu Tanaka, Ph.d., Professor, Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Information Sciences, Hiroshima City University
(10) “Evaluation of sleep quality and a strategy for presymptomatic diseases”
Mr. Junichi Furukawa, Representative Director, Just Co., Ltd
(11) “Soybean Peptide as brain food (health brain material) ”
Mr. Motohiro Maebuchi, Ph.D. Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. Planning Department, R&D Division
(12) “Ghana Nutrition Improvement Project, and the establishment of a nutrition system in Vietnam and verification of its effectiveness ”
Mr. Kei Kuriwaki, Senior Advisor, The Ajinomoto Foundation
(13) “Importance of foot function and supporting technology utilizing an insole”
Mr. Tomokazu Nasu, Representative Director, Neisyu Co., Ltd.
(14) “Walking and mobility support through 3D foot measurements and the subsequent utilization of its data”
Mr. Motohide Arayama, Representative Director, Dream GP Inc.
(15) “Human health owing to insect food and its contribution to SDGs”
Mr. Takashi Matsui, CEO, entomo Inc
(16) “Beneficial use of insect food in times of disaster”
Mr. Kinya Matsui, Associated professor, Higashiosaka Junior College Department of Practical Food
(17) “Original exercise “Wara-Toretti”
Ms. Izumi Matsushita, Organizer of Laughter Yoga Studio, Teacher of Laughter Yoga, Stretch Trainer
(18) General overview: Mr. Osamu Ishiko, MD, Ph.D.
(19) Closing

[Draft for working activities]

・Collection of information on studies and remedies connected to the development of human ability in Japan and abroad, and networking among ability practitioners, research organizations, and private businesses.
・Investigation and practice of support measures; ability enhancement experiment for practitioners, research organizations, and private businesses.
・Investigation and practice of support measures: evaluations and operationalization through a network of experts, specialists, research organizations, and medical organizations.
・Investigation and practice of business matching support measures; challenges confronted by studies, technologies, products and projects, and interdisciplinary partnerships to determine next steps.
・Investigation and practice of forming coexistence platform comprising citizens, regional economies, etc.
・Investigation and practice of expansion through the cooperation of regional clusters in Japan or abroad.
・Investigation and commitment to the goals entailed in the SDGs.

[How to conduct the working group]

・Planning, research, and examination of the means by which the activity will be promoted and the activity plan described above
・Conduct social experiments involving technologies or remedies to develop human ability
・Form Working Groups; closed working group comprising not only experts who can advise from a technical standpoint, but also relevant research organizations, medical organizations, and private companies; all interested individuals or entities may participate.
・Conduct Working Group-hosted, or -supported seminars and conventions including diverse actors
・Support for the development of projects which will be effective in Izumiotsu City as the result of WG activities.

[Establishment of Ability Enhancement Experimental City Base and the support of related activities]

・Establishment of Ability Enhancement Experimental City Base
・Consideration for the utilization of public spaces and facilities

[Actions of Ability Enhancement Experimental City in Izumiotsu]

・Toe Conditioning Project for maintenance of bodily functions

・Brain Boost

開催日 2019/1/15((Tue)
開催時間 13:00 - 16:45
会場情報 Room301, 3F,
住所 45-22 Asahicho,
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