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Koube City

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Compass to Healthy Life Research Complex Program

Sannomiya Sunpal Bld. 7th Floor, Riken RCH Research Complex 2nd Hub( Kumoi-dori5-3-1, Chuo-ku, Koube City, Hyogo)

The members of GHI Organizations Assembly, RCH participants, international organizations, foreign government agencies and diplomatic missions in Japan, Japanese government agencies, municipality-related organizations, economic and business organizations, academic associations, relevant business, universities and research institutions, NGOs, NPOs, and other interested individuals.

This seminar is a kickoff for the Working Groups to promote collaboration between Japan and foreign research complex programs considering the most effective approaches to collaboration through diverse activities, policies, and technologies and services, as international standardization is key factor of global health, allowing for the worldwide utilization of big data related to healthcare.

◇Research Complex program ⇒ http://www.jst.go.jp/rc/index.html
◇Compass to Healthy Life Research Complex Program ⇒ https://rc.riken.jp/

The Working Group seeks to develop a strategy from a global perspective for this project, and implement the collaboration of diverse global sectors, resulting in problem- solving and pilot programs.

[Seminar Schedule]

1. Opening
2. ”About the Global Health Initiative (GHI) and the implications of this Working Group for GHI”
3. Diverse regional clusters in the Kobe-Hyogo area, and current issues, international collaboration, etc.
4. Attractiveness of Kobe-Hyogo area for foreign countries, and the possibility of international collaboration
5. Conference for collaboration between regional and foreign country clusters
6. Closing

開催日 2017/12/7((Thu)
開催時間 00:00
会場情報 Sannomiya Sunpal Bld. 7th Floor, Riken RCH Research Complex 2nd Hub
住所 Kumoi-dori5-3-1, Chuo-ku
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